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Connected Health Summit analyzes the role of innovative connected health solutions in driving changes in consumer behaviors as well as how healthcare systems, insurers, and hospital networks interact with consumers.

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Jan 26 - Fitness and Wellness: New Demand for Healthy Lifestyles
Jan 26 - Medical Devices and Expanded Consumer Health Services
Mar 30 - Making Virtual Care Smart: Sensors and Platforms and AI
Mar 30 - Remote Patient Monitoring: Next Generation of Care
Nov 9 - Air Quality and Building Environments
Nov 9 - Data and Analytics: New Sensor Based Tech Driving Applications
[IP] Evolution of Healthcare
[IP] Lessons Learned: Successful Strategies for Engaging Consumers
[IP] Physician Perspectives: Virtual Care Solutions
[IP] Choice in Care: Telehealth and Kiosks and Retail Clinics
[IP] PERS and Wearables and Apps: Empowering Consumers
[IP] Special Session: Reimbursements and Medicaid
[IP] Remote Patient Monitoring: Devices and Payors and Consumers
[IP] Balancing People and Tech: The Future of Home Care
[IP] Consumerization of Health: The Evolution Continues
[IP] Smart Home Devices and Wearables: Enhancing Wellness at Home
[IP] AI and Integration: Making Health Data Work
[IP] IoT Integration: Effective Connected Health Partnerships
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I am interested in speaking at the in-person Connected Health Summit in May 23-25, 2023.