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Past Virtual Sessions

Feb 10  Video Services: Bundles, Data, and Measuring Success

Mar 31  Video Distribution Strategies

May 5  OTT Churn: Marketing and Retention Strategies

Jul 21  Personalization and The New Video Viewer

Sep 22  Digital Piracy and Distribution

Thursday, February 10

Video Services: Bundles, Data, and Measuring Success

Consumers are often unaware of the array of available service options and which services include content relevant to them. Aggregators provide consumers a centralized marketplace to evaluate, purchase and access all of the programming they want to watch, from live TV and events to time-shifted content to video on-demand.

11:00 AM CT

Welcome and Analyst Insight: Consumers and OTT Bundles

This research presentation highlights the latest adoption of OTT services, rise of FAST services, and the role of the smart TV in the future of video viewing.

11:15 AM CT

Metrological - Future of Video sponsorNew Video Strategies: Reaching Consumers

Service providers are scrambling to figure out how to grow their subscriber base and keep consumers engaged. Linear ad-supported streaming (FAST) services are creating more competition for all the players. Consumers have many services to choose from, and this format allows providers to connect directly with the younger demographics. This session highlights the growing interest in these services and the impact on the video landscape.

Nii Addy, Chief Marketing Officer, Philo

Scott Barton, Chief Product Officer, MyBundle.TV

Tim Cutting, General Manager of Commercial, Reelgood

Moderator: Paul Erickson, Director of Research, Parks Associates

12:00 PM CT

Fireside Chat / Executive Q&A: A New Era of Video Viewing

Amit Nag, Vice President – Entertainment and Education, TELUS

Moderator: Elizabeth Parks, President and CMO, Parks Associates

12:30 PM CT

Symphony MediaAI - Future of Video sponsorData and Measurements: New Strategies for Video Services

In today’s ultra-competitive environment, video services often lack adequate data about their core audience and their usage behaviors. This lack of relevant and actionable data can cause services to operate inefficiently, target the wrong segments, lose engagement with viewers, and increase churn rate. This session addresses the latest developments in software, use of data and growth strategies for video services. 

Fred Godfrey, Co-Founder and CEO, Origin 

John Hamilton, Founder and CEO, TVDataNow

Brett Jensen, Director, Solutions, iSpot.tv

Garrett MacDonald, Chief Commercial Officer, IRIS.TV

Brian Ring, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Amagi

Bart Spriester, Vice President and General Manager of Content and Streaming Providers Suite, Comcast Technology Solutions

Moderator: Paul Erickson, Director of Research, Parks Associates

1:30 PM CT

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Thursday, March 31

Video Distribution Strategies

The explosion of video content and services has given rise to new business models, platforms, and consumption patterns, all enabled by a growing number of connected devices capable of playing video. With ever-more content moving online, content owners, distributors, and aggregators must adapt to new models of digital distribution to a growing diversity of device platforms. From a distribution perspective, OTT services have reached the mainstream, and consumer expectations of how, when, and where they can consume OTT video have changed.

11:00 AM CT

Welcome and Analyst Insight: Modern Video Distribution

Consumers have largely shifted from watching streaming video on computers to also watching it on smart TVs, streaming media players, tablets. and smartphones. Parks Associates shares insights on how this shift has made internet video more accessible to consumers but has changed the conditions under which successful companies distribute and monetize video content.

Paul Erickson, Director, Research, Parks Associates

11:15 AM CT

Shifting Content Agreements: Engaging the Consumer

Ultimately, a combination of changes, shifts, and improvements in content creation, content delivery, and content discovery will define the future of video distribution for consumers, content creators, technology stakeholders, and service providers. The opportunities for distribution are more numerous than ever, and services must deliver an increasing variety of content, to a more diverse landscape of platforms, across a broader number of interests, languages, and localizations. Speakers address the increased number of service providers, the need for more content in a variety of genres, time conventions, and new monetization models.

Susan Agliata, Director, Business Development, OTT Ecosystem, Samsung Electronics

William Marks, SVP, Business Development & Digital, Ovation Television

Marty Roberts, VP of Media Analytics, Brightcove

Sourik Samaddar, Manager, Consumer Solutions, Akamai Technologies

Jeremy Simon, VP, Head of Global Streaming Partnerships, Amdocs

Moderator: Paul Erickson, Director, Research, Parks Associates

12:00 PM CT

Fireside Chat / Executive Q&A

WarnerMedia Keynote - Future of Video

Melissa de la Rama

Vice President, Distribution



Moderator: Jennifer Kent, VP, Research, Parks Associates

12:30 PM CT

The Role of Sports in Video Choices

Sports TV has seen an increased shift to digital distribution in recent years, with OTT options increasing and improving rapidly over a short period. The prominent shift to online viewing is demonstrated by the development of over 50 streaming services across a variety of sports, a near doubling in the past five years. Industry experts address the role of sports content to shoulder and increase the amount of time sports fans spend on their platform.

Lior Friedman, SVP, Business Development, Amagi Corporation

Tom Goedde, Chief Marketing Officer, SimWin Sports

Ben Grad, SVP, Head of Content Strategy & Acquisition, fuboTV

Nick Meacham, CEO, SportsPro Media

Erik Ramberg, VP, Head of Streaming Business, Head of Global Business Development, MediaKind

Geoff Reiss, Head of Fantasy & Gaming, Yahoo Sports

Moderator: Eric Sorensen, Sr. Contributing Analyst, Parks Associates

1:30 PM CT

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Thursday, May 5

OTT Churn: Marketing and Retention Strategies

Today’s choice-filled OTT environment is one where consumers face a variety of competing OTT services and an often-overwhelming amount of content. The ease and temptation of switching services in this environment make churn an inherent problem for OTT services, and services today are challenged to drive a consistently high level of subscriber acquisition and retention to combat the ever-present threat of churn. Methodologies and strategies to maximize subscribership, raise customer retention, and predict and actively combat churn are exceedingly important to services and content owners seeking to thrive in today’s market.

11:00 AM CT

Welcome and Analyst Insight: Understanding Consumers Who Don’t Churn

Existing subscribers are an increasingly valuable commodity in today’s churn-prone OTT competitive landscape. OTT services are constantly looking to shorten their path to ROI and strengthen their revenue base, and controlling churn is crucial in this regard - subscriber retention is less costly in time, effort, and capital than acquiring new subscribers. Services as a result are proactively enacting initiatives to detect, prevent, and limit churn. Parks Associates shares its latest research on consumers who maintain their OTT service subscriptions and the factors that motivate them to stay with or churn away from a service.

Paul Erickson, Director of Research, Parks Associates

11:15 AM CT

Metrological - Future of Video sponsor

Role of the Smart TV in Driving Viewers

Smart TVs are the most widely adopted video device in US internet households and consumers’ preferred platform for video consumption. The smart TV has now surpassed all other connected TV devices as the device of choice through which consumers stream video and is now a staple of today’s connected US households. This session addresses the implications for content companies, OTT services, and broadband providers as consumers embrace connected devices and services and increasingly turn to their smart TV as their primary point of consumption. This session also delves into the possibilities of using today’s smart TVs to drive higher engagement and stronger retention.

Kamran Lotfi, VP Product, Gracenote

James Varndell, Director of Product Management, Bitmovin

Mark Young, SVP, Global Strategy, Business & Corporate Development, Fandango; SVP, Growth Strategy, NBCUniversal

Fariba Zamaniyan, Vice President, Data and Advertising, TiVo

Moderator: Paul Erickson, Director, Research, Parks Associates

12:00 PM CT

Fireside Chat / Executive Q&A

Ashwin Navin, CEO and Co-Founder, Samba TV

Moderator: Elizabeth Parks, President and CMO, Parks Associates

12:30 PM CT

Metrological - Future of Video sponsorConsumer Engagement: Maintaining and Growing Customers

Content is key to driving and maintaining subscriber engagement, and the lack of new original content in an OTT service’s pipeline has potential implications for an offering’s bottom line. All OTT video services, particularly those that stake their value proposition in new original content, must be vigilant in how they manage their content pipeline. Industry leaders address the role of original and exclusive content, best practices in utilizing it to maximize engagement and stickiness, and solutions to retain and grow customers.

Peter Docherty, CTO & Founder, ThinkAnalytics

Philippe Guelton, President, Crackle Plus

Charita Johnson, Vice President, Content & Creative Strategy, Peloton Interactive

Naveen Narayanan, Head of Sports and Data Products, Firstlight Media

Greg Riker, Head of Sales and Business Development for the Americas, Comcast

Moderator: Eric Sorensen, Sr. Contributing Analyst, Parks Associates

1:30 PM CT

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Thursday, July 21

Personalization and The New Video Viewer

Consumer expectations of personalized experiences and discovery are higher than ever, with video services and entertainment devices providing user-specific interfaces, search results, viewing recommendations, and advertising. As video services and aggregators grapple with greater personalization and discovery across content sources, the impact of these challenges has clear ramifications for services.

11:00 AM CT

Welcome and Analyst Insight: Consumers and Video Engagement

A major change with live entertainment in the advent of the internet age is the desire for interaction and engagement from all involved parties. This presentation highlights consumer interaction with video services and the role of personalization and discovery in driving higher viewer engagement.

Eric Sorensen, Sr. Contributing Analyst, Parks Associates

11:15 AM CT

Comcast Technology Solutions - Future of VideoNew Video Experiences: Live, Social, Interactive

Content creators, providers, and networks are not just looking for viewers but also dedicated fans who engage with their intellectual property on a variety of platforms. Speakers in this session address how brands now have the ability to connect and interact with customers instantly and what the opportunity is for content creators, providers, and sponsors to engage with the community and drive audience engagement.

Alexander Kann, Chief Executive, Together TV

Ed Laczynski, Founder & CEO, Zype

Michelle Perkins, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, Fade Technology Solutions, Inc.

DeShuna Spencer, Founder/CEO, kweliTV, Inc.

Martin Webb, Senior Product Manager, Cloud TV, Comcast Technology Solutions

Moderator: Eric Sorensen, Sr. Contributing Analyst, Parks Associates

12:00 PM CT

Fireside Chat / Executive Q&A

ViacomCBS Keynote - Future of Video

Robert Gelick

Chief Product Officer


Moderator: Elizabeth Parks, President and CMO, Parks Associates

12:30 PM CT

Adeia - Future of Video sponsorBuilding Loyalty through Content

It has become obvious that the decline in pay-TV subscriptions correlates to a change in the way that consumers are accessing content. Digital streaming is the new normal, and the competition for digital eyeballs will increase in ferocity before consolidation occurs. Speakers in this session address the shifting strategies for content companies, the challenges of capturing consumer attention, the content strategy nuances of retaining that attention, and the difficulties of navigating a fragmented market.

Jon Cohen, SVP, Business Development and Distribution, Frequency

Rob Dillon, Head of Digital Product, Straight Arrow News

Jim Long, CEO, Didja, Inc.

Paul Pastor, Chief Business Officer and Co-Founder, Firstlight Media

Matt Starker, SVP, Head of Direct-to-Consumer Services Business & Corporate Strategy, Endeavor Streaming

Moderator: Paul Erickson, Director of Research, Parks Associates

1:30 PM CT

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Thursday, September 22

Digital Piracy and Distribution

With the growing popularity of OTT video services and the related shifts in distribution strategies towards streaming, the threat of digital piracy of premium content has never been higher. Consumer expectations that digital content should be free, and a perception of entertainment companies’ high profitability, are among the factors that drive piracy behavior. This session addresses how content providers are using technology to combat piracy, while still preserving quality of service, quality of experience, and the quality of the customer relationship.

11:00 AM CT

Welcome and Analyst Insight

Acquiring and retaining subscribers are constant imperatives in today’s highly competitive and churn-prone OTT landscape. This is complicated further by the constantly evolving piracy threat in today’s digital-delivery-centric market. Parks Associates shares its latest research on subscriber retention and churn motivators, along with insights on piracy behavior and triggers.

Steve Hawley, Sr. Contributing Analyst, Parks Associates; Founder and Managing Director, Piracy Monitor

11:15 AM CT

Tech to Protect

AI is frequently discussed in the OTT sector for its ability to increase engagement, aid retention, and combat churn. It is also increasingly becoming a vital part of content security, giving it predictive and proactive capabilities. This session addresses how companies are investing in systems to find and predict instances of piracy as a way to differentiate their service. Speakers discuss new technology and services that are improving the ability to find, predict, and combat today’s rapidly evolving digital piracy threats.

Steve Epstein, Fellow Solution Engineer, Synamedia

Matthew Fite, Chief Technology Officer, Verimatrix

Sebastian Kramer, SVP, Product Management, NAGRA

Chris White, Operations Director, Friend MTS

Moderator: Jennifer Kent, VP, Research, Parks Associates

12:00 PM CT

Fireside Chat / Executive Q&A

Brightcove - Future of Video keynote

Marty Roberts

SVP, Product Strategy & Marketing



Moderator: Elizabeth Parks, President & CMO, Parks Associates

12:30 PM CT

Provider Concerns: Losing Millions or Gaining Eyeballs?

While piracy is a source of revenue loss, the testing of content theft under controlled circumstances and monitoring can provide valuable market intelligence to understand and highlight where piracy is taking place. This session addresses provider concerns about piracy and new solutions in the market.

Tim Cutting, GM of Commercial, Reelgood

Serhad Doken, Chief Technology Officer, Adeia

Olga Kornienko, Co-Founder and COO, EZDRM

Sourik Samaddar, Manager, Consumer Solutions, Akamai Technologies

Peter Scott, VP of Emerging Media and Innovation, Warner Media

Lau Zuydervelt, Product Director for Cybersecurity and Antipiracy, Irdeto

Moderator: Eric Sorensen, Sr. Contributing Analyst, Parks Associates

1:30 PM CT

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