CONNECTIONS 2023 – Speaker Highlight – Lars Oleson, CEO, Xailient, Inc.

by Parks Associates | May. 18, 2023

Lars Oleson, CEO, Xailient, Inc. is a serial entrepreneur, award-winning SW architect, ex-head of engineering for billion-dollar SW enterprise; 20-years in SW industry, co-founded 4 companies, 3 exits (1 overlap). Invented products at startups & public co's - Gartner "magic quadrant" in 2 different sectors & dozens of awards in consumer and enterprise. Exited as CEO to Alipay Indonesia then go-to-market CPO in the world's 4th most populous country.

Lars Oleson is speaking at CONNECTIONS™ 2023. CONNECTIONS™: The Premier Connected Home Conference, hosted by Parks Associates, taking place over the dates of May 23 – 25, in Frisco, TX. CONNECTIONS™ 2023 features an in-person conference May 23-25, 2023, with virtual sessions on July 20 and and October 5, focusing on the smart home market, home security, and new services for the home.

Here are some of Lars Oleson's industry insights below: 

What do you find drives consumers to seek DIY solutions and want drives Pro-install and system-based purchasing for connected home devices?
The lines are blurring, and AI is accelerating this trend. Providers such as Abode offer both professional monitoring and DIY – both with AI assistance.
What impact are smart home devices having on the security industry?
Security Industry players have a unique opportunity to grow into a broader consumer electronics brand. Security systems are a natural ‘hub’ for Consumers to manage multiple systems, including entertainment and lighting, and Consumers trust Security brands with the data and privacy more than they trust the ‘big tech’ brands. Privacy and trust is a chink in the armor of big tech’s dominance of consumer electronics, and the market moves from Smart Phones to a more extensive array of smart devices, there is an enormous opportunity to grab market share.
What impact are smart home devices having on the HVAC industry? 
Occupancy sensing is low-hanging fruit for energy efficiency with common-sense cost savings. Privacy-safe Smart Cameras do double duty in security monitoring and home automation.
What impact are smart home devices having on the broadband industry?
Three smart devices have emerged in the past few years, smart TVs, Bluetooth smart speakers, and smart camera security. Only security has a proven recurring revenue model for the system providers (Bluetooth speakers mostly benefit Spotify and Apple Music, and Smart TVs mostly benefit the streamers). With Smart Cameras, ISPs and Telco’s have an opportunity to bundle value-add services that grow revenue at the dollar levels that move the needle for them. 
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