Future of Video 2023 – Research Sponsor – Adeia

by Parks Associates | Feb. 21, 2023
Adeia is participating as a Research Sponsor at the Future of Video conference hosted by Parks Associates. Future of Video: OTT, Pay TV, and Digital Media brings together industry leaders to share insights on new trends in the video and connected entertainment industries, with insights on consumer behaviors and preferences and the challenges for the video industry in meeting these expectations. It features in-depth consumer and industry research on OTT services, the value of content, and the best strategies for building successful video services for today’s connected consumers.
Adeia invents, develops and licenses fundamental innovations that shape the way millions of people explore and experience entertainment in an increasingly connected world. From TVs to smartphones, and across all types of entertainment experiences, Adeia’s technologies allow users to manage content and connections in a way that is smart, immersive and personal. For more information, please visit adeia.com.
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Future of Video 2023 Agenda
January 26 | 2023
Explosion of Activity: the OTT Streaming Market
June 15 | 2023
Advertising and Live Content: Measurements and Investments
October 5 | 2023
Marketing to Today's Video Viewer
December 2023
Future of Video In-Person Conference
Register now for Future of Video virtual and in-person sessions in 2023: https://bit.ly/2qlNRsX

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