Microsoft Disrupts Smartphone Market

by Kristen Hanich | Oct. 8, 2015

Like everyone else who's been keeping an eye on the Windows 10 devices event, I was seriously impressed.  Seamless interoperability, a powerful new 2-in-1 laptop, and a wearable hologram that was like something out of science fiction?  Yes.  But what impressed me the most was the one thing that's seeming to slip past most peoples' notice.

What am I talking about?  Well, we've got laptops that are also tablets, and tablets that are also laptops.  But Microsoft just introduced a smartphone that's also a desktop.

That's right - the Windows Lumia phones.  The Windows Phone has gotten a bad rap over the years - some of it was justified, but in large part it was due to growing pains.  "I'd like the Windows Phone, if only it had apps," people would say.  Well, Windows brought the apps - and far more than that.  (With over 110 million devices already running the platform, developers could hardly ignore it.)

Windows Continuum is a smartphone feature that allows someone with Windows 10 to plug their phone into a monitor and keyboard and have a full-featured desktop at their disposal.  How?  Universal apps - a promise fulfilled - and the fact that the Windows 10 on the phone is the same Windows 10 that's on desktops - laptops - tablets - and soon, the XBOX One.

"But why would that matter?" someone might ask.  "I've already got a laptop.  And a desktop.  That's covered." 

Well, I'm glad you asked.  The new Lumia 950 flagships are powerful beasts.  Their specs match - and even exceed - some of the lower-powered notebooks.  This is an important thing for students, for business, for light personal users, and in many parts of the world where the phone is a person's sole computing device.

Think about it.  An ultra-powerful - and ultra-portable - smartphone that can be plugged into any keyboard and monitor to become a full-featured desktop.  With the full power of Office, Cortana, and the cloud.  With all of the universal apps available from the universal Windows Store.

This is a market disruptor for sure.

(I'm getting the 950 XL.)

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