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by Parks Associates | Feb. 6, 2023
Download  Parks Associates’ complimentary whitepaper, “Personalized Virtual Channels: Maximizing FAST Content,” in collaboration with Quickplay. This whitepaper highlights personalization's engagement and monetization potential for FAST (free ad-supported television) video services. It examines the drivers and uses cases for combining data, analytics, personalization, and virtual streaming channels to create personalized hybrid virtual channels for FAST services. 
Within today’s crowded OTT video landscape, consumers rapidly adopt ad-supported services due to their free access and resulting broad appeal. As streaming adoption has leveled off in the US – after the COVID-19 surge and amidst increasing market competition – major streaming players have turned for expansion to hybrid business models that combine OTT service models.
FAST (free ad-supported streaming television) services deliver real-time streaming of channel-based linear content. 
FAST services are increasing in popularity with consumers. Personalization of the content within a streaming channel is a new way to optimize viewer engagement even within a multichannel FAST service experience. This personalization contributes to the growing strategic value of FAST services in complementing traditional SVOD services and the rising importance of ad-supported pricing models in the video services market. 
To learn more, download the full white paper: 

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