This study examines uptake and perception of broadband services among U.S. households. It assesses perception of broadband providers, service bundling, adoption of services, upgrades and downgrades of broadband, and perception of broadband speeds received. It also compares perceptions among various groups of consumers, including those with mobile data services.

Broadband Services in the U.S. addresses the following major questions in the broadband industry.

1) How is the market for broadband services growing? What are the drivers for consumer adoption and churn?
2) Which broadband service tier is attracting the most subscribers? Which tier is losing the most?
3) What challenges are home Wi-Fi users experiencing?
4) What are the ARPU trends for stand-alone and bundled broadband services?
5) How satisfied are consumers with their broadband providers? Which provider receives the highest/lowest rating?

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Publish Date: 1Q 2019

Slides: 80

Authored By:
Craig Leslie - Senior Analyst
Michael Tuck - Researcher
Yilan Jiang - Senior Director of Consumer Analytics

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