Demand and Perception of Connected TVs

The connected TV remains a critical part of consumers’ in-home entertainment experience. Current television options for consumers offer large sizes, high resolution, and new features for a good price. This study provides a detailed examination of this important product category, including ownership, purchasing, features, sizes, brands, sales channels, connected devices, and consumer use.

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Consumer Analytics: CE Devices & Mobility Track

Key Questions Answered

Survey Methodology

Defining Heads of Broadband Households

Reading Parks Associates Charts

Executive Summary

Industry Insight

Key Findings and Market Impact

TV and Streaming Product Ownership

Adoption of Streaming Entertainment Products (Q3/19)

Adoption of Televisions (2014-2019)

TV Owners by Generation (Q3/19)

Favorite Leisure Time Activity by Generation (Q3/19)

TV Owners by Household Income (Q3/19)

TV Owners by Gender and Children at Home (Q3/19)

Use of Televisions to Access Content (Q3/19)

TV Purchase Behavior and Trends

TV Purchases vs. Smart TV Purchases (Q3/19)

Type of Most Recent Purchased Smart TV (Q3/19)

Screen Size of Most Recently Purchased TV (Q3/19)

Screen Size of Recently Purchased TV by Type of TV (Q3/19)

TV Buyers by Generation (Q3/19)

TV Buyers by Gender and Children at Home (Q3/19)

TV Buyers by Household Income (Q3/19)

Brand of Smart TV Purchased in Last 12 Months (Q3/19)

Features of Newly Purchased vs. Owned TV Sets (Q3 vs. Q1 2019)

Important Purchase Consideration of Smart TVs (Q1/19)

Features of Recently Purchased Televisions (Q3/19)

Devices Connected to Recently Purchased Televisions (Q3/19)

Most Used Connected Video Devices

Internet-Connected Device Used Most Often to Access Online Content (2018 - 2019)

Top 5 Device Capabilities by Most Used Connected Video Device (Q3/19)

Device Capabilities by Most Used Connected Video Device, Cont’d. (Q3/19)

Weekly Use of Smart TV and Streaming Media Player Features (Q3/19)

Hours Per Week Spent Consuming Content by Device (Q3/19)

Hours Per Week Spent Consuming Content by Smart TV Type (Q3/19)

Frequency of Accessing Online Content by Connected Video Device (Q3/19)

Frequency of Connecting Device to Television (Q3/19)

Frequency of Using Wireless Function to Connect Devices (Q3/19)

Connection Rates for Video Streaming Devices (Q3/19)

Video Game Use by Platform (Q3/19)

Interest in Game Subscription Services (Q3/19)

Publish Date: 4Q 2019

Slides: 52

Authored By:
Kristen Hanich - Director of Research
Xiaofan Tan - Consumer Insights Analyst II
Keshav Jaiswal - Consumer Insights Analyst II
Yilan Jiang - Senior Director of Consumer Analytics

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