COVID-19: Impact on Telehealth Use and Perspectives

Telehealth and telemedicine solutions have been thrust to the forefront of health care in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The need to avoid exposure has sudden reversed the well-established consumer preference for in-person over remote care. Payors, providers, and consumers have never been more aligned in the need to trial, deploy, and pay for virtual care services. This study provides trending data on consumer familiarity, use, and demand for telehealth services. It evaluates user experience with telehealth services and investigates consumer appetite for virtual care as a standard offering, outside of crisis conditions.

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Executive Summary

Industry Insight

Telehealth Service Use

Types of Telehealth Services Used

Appeal of Telehealth Approaches

Telehealth Service Channel

Impact of Visit Quality on Future Service Use

Use of Teletherapy/Counseling Services

By COVID-19 Diagnosis

By Job Changes Due to COVID-19

Willingness to Share Smartphone Data To Track COVID-19

Privacy Protections that Encourage Smartphone Data Sharing for Contact Tracing

Impact of COVID-19 on Consumer Health

COVID-19 Status (Q2/20)

COVID-19 Symptoms Experienced by Age Group (Q2/20)

Health Concern by Social Distancing Behavior (Q2/20)

Steps Taken to Protect Senior Family Members (Q2/20)

Actions Taken As a Result of COVID-19 Symptoms (Q2/20)

Telehealth Familiarity and Use

Familiarity with Telehealth Services (Q2/20)

Use of Telehealth Service (2017 - 2020)

Telehealth Service Use, by Delivery Method (2019 - 2020)

Telehealth Service Users, by Demographics

Payment Method for Using Telehealth Service (Q2/20)

Use of Telehealth Services Since COVID-19 Began (Q2/20)

Telehealth Service Providers and Channels

Telehealth Service Channel (2019 - 2020)

Telehealth Service Channel by Age (Q2/20)

Specific Telehealth Services Used (Q2/20)

Specific Mental Health Services Used (Q2/20)

Appeal of Telehealth Approaches (2019-2020)

Appeal of Telehealth Service Channels, by Familiarity with Telehealth

Appeal of Telehealth Approaches By COVID-19 Symptoms Experienced (Q2/20)

Telehealth Service User Experience

Medical Issues Consulted Using Telehealth Services (Q2/20)

Reasons for Using Telehealth Services (Q2/20)

Reasons for Using Telehealth Services Over In-Person Consultation by COVID-19 Symptoms Experienced (Q2/20)

Outcomes of Telehealth Service Visit (Q2/20)

Consumer Perception of Telehealth Service Quality (Q2/20)

Likelihood of Using Telehealth Services (Q2/20)

Impact of Visit Quality on Future Service Use (Q2/20)

Barriers to Telehealth Use

Telehealth Service Barriers (Q2/20)

Telehealth Service Barriers (2019 - 2020)

Telehealth Service Barriers By Age (Q2/20)

Connected Health Devices and Remote Patient Monitoring

Appeal of Telehealth Approaches – Devices and Data (2019-2020)

Overall Adoption of Connected Health Devices (2013 - 2020)

Adoption of Connected Health Products (Q2/20)

Interest in Remote Monitoring-Based Telehealth Services (Q2/20)

Top Wearable Brands (Q2/20)

Interest in Sharing Data from Devices (Q2/20)

Emerging Technologies: Contact Tracing and Self-Diagnostic Apps

Willingness to Share Smartphone Data To Track COVID-19 (Q2/20)

Privacy Protections That Would Convince Smartphone Users to Share Data (Q2/20)

Willingness to Share Smartphone Data to Track COVID-19 (Q2/20)

Use of Self-Diagnosis Apps (Q2/20)

Agreement on Use of Self-Diagnosis Apps (Q2/20)

Use of Self-Diagnosis App By COVID-19 Symptoms Experienced (Q2/20)

Publish Date: 3Q 2020

Slides: 61

Authored By:
Kristen Hanich - Director of Research
Yilan Jiang - Senior Director of Consumer Analytics
Keshav Jaiswal - Consumer Insights Analyst II
Xiaofan Tan - Consumer Insights Analyst II

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