Cutters, Nevers, and the Re-bundling of Video

While video “cutting the cord” or “shaving the cord” has been a hot trend for several years now, many consumers are having to “rebundle” various video services (including returning to traditional pay TV) and content sources together in order to meet their needs. In many cases, this “rebundling” is costing consumers more than when they were primarily relying on corded, linear video services. This primary research examines consumer trends in unbundling their video services and the related recent phenomena of consumers needing to rebundle their service portfolio because of a fragmented video content marketplace. The research also details how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted how consumers are building their video services stack.

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Survey Methodology and Definitions

Survey Sample & Fielding

Parks Associates 2021 Respondent Quotas

Key Terms and Definitions



Entertainment Video Service Ecosystem

Executive Summary

Industry Insight

Traditional Pay-TV vs. Cord-Cutters and Cord-Nevers

Online Pay-TV Service: Cord-Cutters and Cord-Nevers

Traditional Pay-TV Service Cancellation Triggers

Monthly Service Cost Among Cord-Cutters

Understanding Cord-Cutters and Nevers

Penetration of Traditional Pay-TV vs. OTT Video Services

Traditional Pay-TV vs. Cord-Cutters and Cord-Nevers

Last Time Subscribed to Traditional Pay-TV Service

Online Pay-TV Service: Cord-Cutters and Cord-Nevers

OTT Service Subscription: Cord-Cutters vs. Cord-Nevers

Last Subscription to Traditional Pay-TV by Online Pay-TV Adoption

Cord-Cutters and Cord-Nevers: Age, Income, Tech Adoption

Attitudes Toward Technology and Lifestyle

Adoption of Video Products

Pay-TV Experience of Cord-Cutters

Traditional Pay-TV Service Cancellation Triggers

Previous Traditional Pay-TV Service Providers

Cord-Cutters: Monthly Cost of Previous Traditional Pay-TV Service

Drivers for Traditional Pay-TV Service Retention Among Cord-Cutters

Drivers for Traditional Pay-TV Service Retention Among Cord-Cutters

Rebundling of Video

Total Monthly Spending on OTT Services: Cord-Cutters vs. Cord-Nevers

Average Monthly Spending on OTT Services by Type

Monthly Video Service Cost Among Cord-Cutters

Monthly Service Cost: Traditional Pay-TV vs. OTT

OTT Service Use by Business Model

Number of OTT Service Subscriptions

Subscribers Cancelling Service as % of Subscriber Base: Cord-Cutters vs. Cord-Nevers

High Intention to Subscribe to Pay-TV Services: Cord-Cutters vs. Cord-Nevers


Demographic Breakdown of Video Viewing Segments

Housing Breakdown of Video Viewer Segments

Defining Heads of Broadband Households

Publish Date: 3Q 2021

Slides: 44

Authored By:
Steve Nason - Research Director
Yilan Jiang - Senior Director of Consumer Analytics
Sharon Jiang - Consumer Insights Analyst II

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