Entertainment Device Controls: Refining the Ideal UX

As connected devices become a larger part of consumers’ daily lives, controlling the user experience is the key to a successful connected implementation. The days of multiple remote controls for the television, Blu-ray player, audio system, and pay-TV service may be fleeting as CE device makers and app developers attempt to create the converged control center for digital entertainment. 360 View Update: Entertainment Device Controls: Refining the Ideal UX measures adoption and usage of peripheral devices used to control primary entertainment experiences.

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Consumer Analytics: Connected CE & Platforms Track

Methodology, Charts, Statistical Information

Interpreting Heat Map Tables

Executive Summary

Industry Insight

Key Findings and Market Impact

Entertainment Device Adoption

Ownership of Home Entertainment Devices (2010 - 2017)

Smart TV Adoption and Internet Connection Rate (2010 - 2017)

Most Commonly Used Connected Entertainment Platform for Online Video (2015-2017)

UX and Control Preferences for CE Devices

Reasons for Using Connected Entertainment Device The Most (Q1/17)

Reasons Why a Connected In-Home Entertainment Device is Perceived as Easier to Use (Q1/17)

Reasons Why a Connected In-Home Entertainment Device is Perceived as Easier to Use by Most Used Device (Q1/17)

Appealing Control Methods for Connected In-Home Entertainment Devices (Q1/17)

Highly Appealing Device Control Methods by Most Used Device (Q1/17)

Streaming Media Players

Reasons for Preferring One Streaming Media Player Over Another (Q1/17)

UI as a Reason for Using One Streaming Media Player Over Another by Most Used Streaming Media Player (Q1/17)


Flat Panel TV: Purchase Considerations (Q1/17)

Top Flat Panel TV Purchase Considerations by Brand Purchased (Q1/17)

Top 3 Desired Features for Next Flat Panel TV Sets (Q1/17)

Voice Control as a Top Desired Feature, by Age (Q1/17)

Voice-Controlled Personal Assistants

Smart Speaker with Intelligent Personal Assistant Ownership (2016 - 2017)

Smart Speakers with Personal Assistant Ownership, by Brand (Q1/17)

Weekly Usage of Personal Assistant Devices/Apps (Q1/17)

Personal Assistant Activities by Individual Apps (Q1/17)

Personal Assistant Activities: Current vs. Future Use (Q1/17)

Using Personal Assistant Devices/Apps to Stream Music/Audio (Q1/17)

Personal Assistant Activities by Device Brand (Q1/17)

Appeal of Smart Speaker with Personal Assistant to Control Other Devices (Q4/16)

Preferred Smart Products for Personal Assistant Control (Q1/17)

Age & Technology Adoption Segment Index of Personal Assistant Device/App Activity Users (Q1/17)


Publish Date: 4Q 2017

Slides: 42

Authored By:
Tu Skuse - Research Analyst
Jennifer Kent - Vice President, Research
Yilan Jiang - Senior Director of Consumer Analytics
David Mitchel - Research Analyst

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