Independent Living Needs: Helping Aging Parents Thrive

360 View Update: Independent Living Needs: Helping Aging Parents Thrive examines current and future caregiver status and time spent on common caregiving tasks. It also studies health status and concerns of age 65 and over individuals, as well as the common health challenges encountered in this age cohort. It analyzes technology interest and use in terms of current usage of app features for caregiving and tech interest among those 65+.

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Industry Insight

Key Findings


Caregiver Needs:

Current Care Provided to Family Members (Q3/15)

Anticipated Care to Be Provided to Family Members (Q3/15)

Common Caregiving Tasks (Q3/15)

Hours Spent Per Day on Caregiving Tasks (Q3/15)

Areas of High Caregiver Concern (Q3/15)

The Needs of Aging Parents:

Patients with Chronic Condition (Q3/15)

Concerns about Worsening Health Condition (Q3/15)

Frequency of Participation in Health Behaviors in the Last 30 Days (Q3/15)

Average Number of Days Participating in Health Behaviors in a 30-Day Period (Q3/15)

Difficulty of Health Tasks (Q3/15)

Health Management Challenge (Q3/15)

Primary Care Doctors (Q3/15)

Health Insurance Types (Q3/15)

Number of Health Insurance Plans Owned (Q3/15)

Most Commonly Used Health Insurance Plan/Plan Combination (Q3/15)

Wellness Benefits from Health Insurance Plan (Q3/15)

Technology and Service Usage:

Use of App Features for Caregiving (Q3/15)

Monthly Use of Mobile App Features for Caregiving Purposes Among Specified Age Groups (Q3/15)

Appeal of App Features for Caregiving (Q3/15)

Appeal of Using App Features in Caregiving (Q3/15)

Monthly Use of Health Apps for Specified Purpose (Q3/15)

Adoption of Connected Health Devices (Q3/15)

Frequency of Use of Connected Health Devices (Q3/15)

Comfort in Completing Health Management Activities (Q3/15)

Tools To Create Greater Comfort in Selecting a Health Monitoring Device (Q3/15)

Alternative Communication with Healthcare Professionals by Age (Q3/15)

Recent Participation in Health Services by Age (Q3/15)

Recent Participation in Health Services by Method (Q3/15)

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Publish Date: 1Q 2016

Slides: 54

Authored By:
Harry Wang - Senior Director of Research
Kristen Hanich - Director of Research
Yilan Jiang - Senior Director of Consumer Analytics
David Mitchel - Research Analyst
Katherine Li - Data Analyst

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