Smart Home: Consumer Purchases and Preferences

This consumer study provides the latest data on smart home trends influencing consumer purchase behavior and preferences that provide critical intelligence for smart home business strategies. Topics include smart product adoption and purchase intention across multiple product categories, segmentation profiles, purchase channels and installation preferences, voice and control platforms, app engagement, reliability and satisfaction scores by category, product feature interests, and attitudes about data security, interoperability, and support.

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Q4 2020 Core Demographic Distribution: Age, 2019 HH Income, Education Completed, Gender

Executive Summary

Smart Home Device Ownership

Likely to purchase in the next 6 months

# of Smart Home Devices Owned

% of Buyers Purchasing Device

Residence Type Among All BB HHs

Smart Home Device Ownership by Type of Residence

Smart Home Device Adoption

Smart Home Device Ownership

Average Smart Home Devices Owned

Number of Smart Home Devices Owned

Smart Home Device Ownership Segments

Super Power Users (Own 10+ Smart Home Devices)

Technology Adoption Segments by Smart Home Device Ownership & Intention Segments

Smart Home Device Ownership by Type of Residence

Smart Safety & Security Device Ownership

Smart Energy, Lighting, Water Device Ownership

Smart Appliance Ownership

Select Smart Home Device Adoption, by Select Residence Types

Age of Smart Safety & Security Device

Age of Smart Energy Device

Age of Smart Appliances and Smart Control Device

Smart Home Device Purchases

Smart Security & Safety Device Purchases

Smart Energy, Lighting, Water Device Purchases

Smart Appliance Purchases

Smart Home Product Purchase Channel

Smart Home Devices: Type of Purchase

Smart Home Devices: Paid Purchases

Average Selling Price (ASP): Select Smart Home Devices

Smart Home Buyer Journey

Smart Security & Safety Devices: Professional Installation

Smart Energy Devices: Professional Installation

Installation Method, by Tech Affinity

Top Brands Considered: Smart Door Locks and Cameras

Top Devices: Consideration & Purchase

Smart Home Product Purchase Considerations

Smart Speaker/Display Ownership, by Smart Home Owners, Purchase Intenders

Smartphone OS by Smart Home Owner, Purchase Intenders

Triggers for Purchasing Smart Home Devices

Purchase Triggers by Device

Factors Encouraging Active Smart Home Shoppers to Purchase

Smart Home Purchase Intentions

Purchase Intention: Smart Safety & Security Devices

Purchase Intention: Smart Energy, Lighting, Water Device

Purchase Intention: Smart Appliances

Smart Home Device Purchase Intentions

Intention to Purchase Smart Home Devices by Smart Device Ownership

U.S. Broadband Households Not Intending To Move In The Next 12 Months

Smart Home Device Purchase Inhibitors

Smart Home Device Purchase Incentives for Non-Owners/Non-Intenders

Impact of COVID-19

Actions Taken Since the Emergence of COVID-19

Actions Taken Since the Emergence of COVID-19 Among Smart Home Device Buyers

Likelihood of Taking Home Improvement Actions

Home Renovation Plans, Among Smart Home Device Intenders

Home Improvement Areas

User Experience and Control Preferences

Smart Safety & Security Device Favorability Scores

Smart Energy Device Owner Favorability Scores

Smart Water Product and Lighting Control System Favorability Scores

Smart Appliance Favorability Scores

Home Control App Usage

Platforms Used to Control Smart Home Devices

Control Method of Smart Safety & Security Device

Control Method of Smart Energy Device

Control Method of Smart Appliances and Smart Control Device

Preferred Method of Controlling Smart Lighting Device

Smart Lighting Device: Frequency of Interaction

Appendix: Smart Home Buyer Journey by Device Category

Smart Home Device: Top 5 Brands Considered vs. Brand Purchased

Smart Energy Devices: Channel Purchase Location (2015 - 2020)

Smart Safety & Security Devices: Channel Purchase Location (2015 - 2020)

Appendix: Research Notes

Defining Heads of Broadband Households

Publish Date: 3Q 2021

Slides: 81

Authored By:
Chris White - Research Director
Yilan Jiang - Senior Director of Consumer Analytics
Mark Vena - Senior Director, Smart Home and Strategy
Jennifer Kent - Vice President, Research

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