UI Preferences and Content Discovery

Presenting content to consumers is the first step in monetization. As technologies and entertainment services change, consumers find content and select entertainment in new ways. This study examines consumer preferences related to new UI options and the ways that consumers find, and want to find, entertainment content. The study explores preferences by owners of various in-home devices and examines interest in new innovations such as smart speakers, personal assistants, and voice interaction. This study reveals opportunities and barriers to adoption of new user interface innovations.

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User Interfaces on Streaming Media Players and Smart TVs

Important CE Purchase Considerations (Q1/19)

SMP Ratings by Brand (Q1/19)

User Experience: Streaming Media Players vs. Smart TVs (Q1/19)

SMP vs. Smart TV: Better Device for Navigating UI (Q1/19)

SMP vs. Smart TV: Better Device for Attractive UI (Q1/19)

SMP vs. Smart TV: Better Device for Content Search (Q1/19)

SMP vs. Smart TV: Better Device for Remote Control (Q1/19)

Importance of UIs for OTT Services & User Ratings

Attitudes Towards Video Service Features (Q1/19)

Indexed Rating of Video Services by Provider (Q1/19)

Reasons for OTT Service Recommendation (Q1/19)

Reasons for Recommending OTT Video Service by Service (Q1/19)

Reasons for Cancelling OTT Video Service (Q1/19)

OTT Service Cancellation Due to Difficulty of Finding Good Programs to Watch, by Service (Q1/19)

Reasons for Using Free OTT Video Services (Q1/19)

The Content Discovery Process Among Video Service Subscribers

1st Step in Content Discovery Process (1/19)

1st Step in Content Discovery Process by Age (1/19)

1st Step in Content Discovery Process by Video Services (1/19)

Attitude Towards Use of Video Services (Q1/19)

Indexed Rating of Search Process by Provider (Q1/19)

Indexed Rating of Search Process by First Step (Q1/19)

2nd Step Among those Generally Browsing as their 1st Step (1/19)

2nd Step Among those Searching for Program as their 1st Step (1/19)

2nd Step Among those Considering Recommendations as their 1st Step (1/19)

Voice Assistants & Control of Video Entertainment Devices

Voice Assistants: Monthly Usage (Q1/19)

Entertainment Device Control Among Voice Assistant Users (Q1/19)

Ownership of Streaming Video Devices Among Smart Speaker/Display Owners (Q1/19)

Smart Speaker/Display Users Controlling Entertainment Devices by Brand (Q1/19)

Top Ranked Devices Desires to Control via Voice (Q1/19)

Smart TV Top Ranked Device to Control via Voice by Smart TV Brand (Q1/19)

Top Ranked Entertainment Activities to Control via Voice (Q1/19)

Entertainment Platforms with Integrated Voice Control

% of Smart TVs with Integrated Voice Capabilities by Brand (Q1/19)

Streaming Media Player Users with Voice Remote (Q1/19)

Top Ranked TV Purchase Considerations (Q1/19)

Publish Date: 4Q 2019

Slides: 56

Authored By:
Kristen Hanich - Director of Research
John Barrett - Director of Consumer Analytics
Yilan Jiang - Senior Director of Consumer Analytics
Pooja Kamble - Researcher

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