Ownership, Use, and Perception of Virtual Reality

As virtual reality becomes poised for widespread adoption, players must prepare their go-to-market strategies. This study provides an analysis of current-day awareness, adoption, attitudes, expectations, and use of VR devices and content sources. It examines the most common VR platforms and use cases, answering the question of who the VR adopters are and what they are looking for in an immersive experience.

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Consumer Familiarity with Virtual Reality

Familiarity with Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality (2017-2018)

Familiarity with Individual Virtual Reality or Augmented Devices (2017-2018)

Virtual Reality Product Familiarity by Adoption Segments (Q1/18)

Familiarity with Virtual Reality Products by Demographics (Q1/18)

Virtual Reality Headset Trial Experience (2017-2018)

Virtual Reality Headset Trial by Demographics (Q1/18)

Adoption of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Headset Adoption (2016-2018)

Type of Virtual Reality System Owned (Q1/18)

Adoption of Virtual Reality Headset Brands Among VR Owners (Q1/2018)

Length of Virtual Reality Headset Ownership (Q1/18)

Use and Perception of Virtual Reality

Change in Use of Virtual Reality Headsets (Q1/18)

Quality of Virtual Reality Apps and Content (Q1/18)

VR App/Content Quality by Change in VR Headset Usage (Q1/18)

Perception of Virtual Reality (2017-2018)

Expected Virtual Reality Use Cases (Q1/18)

Virtual Reality Experience: Net Promoter Scores

NPS for Various CE Devices (2017 - 2018)

Net Promoter Score of Virtual Reality Headset by Device Types (Q1/18)

Technical Problems Experienced (Q1/18)

Average Number of Technical Problems Experienced (Q1/18)

Crossover of Virtual Reality and Connected CE

Average Number of Connected CE Devices Owned Per BB HH (Q1/18)

Device Ownership of Gaming Console & Virtual Reality Headsets (Q1/18)

Use of Connected Entertainment Device by Ownership (Q1/18)

Virtual Reality Product Familiarity by Gaming Console Ownership (Q1/18)

Time Spent on Gaming Per Week by Ownership (Q1/18)

Device Buyers Breakdown by Age (Q1/18)

Device Buyers Breakdown by Income (Q1/18)

Device Buyers Breakdown by Household Size (Q1/18)

Demographic Breakdown Among Owners (Q1/18)

Purchase Intentions for VR Headsets

Purchase Intention: Gaming Console vs. Virtual Reality Headset

Purchase Intention: Gaming Console vs. Virtual Reality Headset by Current Device Ownership (Q1/18)

Purchase Intention: Gaming Console vs. Virtual Reality Headset by Age

Purchase Intention: Gaming Console vs. Virtual Reality Headset by Households with Children (Q1/18)

Purchase Intention: Gaming Console vs. Virtual Reality Headset by Intention to Move (Q1/18)

Likelihood of Purchasing Specific VR Headset (Q1/18)

Expected VR Use Cases Among Intenders (2017-2018)

Publish Date: 4Q 2018

Slides: 55

Authored By:
Billy Nayden - Research Analyst
Michael Tuck - Researcher
Yilan Jiang - Senior Director of Consumer Analytics

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