Perception of vMVPDs/Online Pay-TV Services

The rise of online pay-TV services (e.g., Sling TV, DIRECTV NOW, PlayStation Vue, Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV and others) is changing the way that pay-TV services are perceived and offered. This study measures the perception of online skinny bundle and tiered pay-TV offerings among consumers, including current subscribers and pay-TV service cancellers. The study examines intent to switch from traditional pay TV as well as the winners and losers among traditional pay-TV providers.

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Pay-TV Penetration and Growth Rates

Pay-TV Service Subscriptions (2011 - 2018)

Online Pay-TV Service Adoption (2017 - 2018)

vMVPD Service Subscription (2016 - 2018)

Changes Made to Pay-TV Service over the Past 12 Months (Q1/18)

Demographic Breakdown: Traditional Pay-TV vs. Online Pay-TV Households

Age Breakdown of Online vs. Traditional Pay-TV HHs (Q1/18)

Household Income Breakdown of Online vs. Traditional Pay-TV HHs (Q1/18)

Children at Home by Online vs. Traditional Pay-TV HHs (Q1/18)

Education Level Breakdown of Online vs. Traditional Pay-TV HHs (Q1/18)

Language Spoken by Online vs. Traditional Pay-TV HHs (Q1/18)

Technology Adoption Breakdown of Online vs. Traditional Pay-TV HHs (Q1/18)

Most Commonly Used Connected CE Device by Pay-TV HHs (Q1/18)

Video Consumption on Specific Device (Q1/18)

Consumer Attitude (Q1/18)

Premium Movie Channels as Part of Pay-TV Service (Q1/18)

Regular Live Channel Users (Q1/18)

Online Pay-TV Purchasing Intentions

Likelihood of Subscribing for Online Pay-TV Service Over the Next 12 Months (Q1/18)

Online Pay-TV Intenders vs. Subscribers by Demographics (Q1/18)

Reasons for Interest in Online Pay-TV Service (Q1/18)

Consequence of Subscribing to Online Pay-TV Service (Q1/18)

Intention to Replace Traditional Pay-TV Service with Online Pay-TV Service by Current Provider (Q1/18)

Online Pay-TV Perceptions and Satisfaction Ratings

Overall Online Pay-TV Service Quality (Q1/18)

Satisfaction with Online Pay-TV Service (Q1/18)

Online Pay-TV Service Quality by Top 5 Services (Q1/18)

Online Pay-TV Service Quality by Service, Contd. (Q1/18)

Net Promoter Score: Online Pay-TV Services (Q1/18)

Net Promoter Score of Home Video Services (Q1/18)

NPS of Online Pay-TV Service Among Those Who are Not Satisfied (Q1/18)

Online Pay-TV Churn, Cancellation, and Consumer Loyalty

Likelihood of Cancelling Online Pay-TV for a More Expensive Option (Q1/18)

Likelihood of Cancelling Online Pay-TV Service by NPS Groups (Q1/18)

Video Services: Annual Cancellations as % of Current Subscriber Base (Q1/18)

Video Services: Least Want to Give Up (Q1/18)

Publish Date: 4Q 2018

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Hunter Sappington - Research Analyst
Yilan Jiang - Senior Director of Consumer Analytics

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