Smart Home Strategy: Capturing the Cost-Conscious Consumer

Consumers perceive smart home product pricing to be expensive for the value provided, creating a persistent barrier to purchase. The mass market will be captured through better understanding of the more value-conscious consumer who requires a different marketing strategy than early adopters and affluent households for whom price is less of a barrier. This consumer study explores the price elasticity of the leading smart home device categories, what value-added features or incentives can drive purchase, seasonal purchase patterns, and which channels value-conscious consumers prefer.

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Consumer Analytics: Smart Home

Key Questions Answered

Survey Methodology

Defining Heads of Broadband Households

Definitions and Abbreviations

Reading Parks Associates Charts

Defining Cost-Conscious Consumer Segments

The Question and Statements for the Cost-Conscious Segmentation of US Broadband Households

The Basics: Numbers and Percentages – 1Q 2020

Executive Summary

Industry Insight

Key Findings and Market Impact

Three Segments for Cost-Conscious Households: Careless, Cautious, Careful Spenders

Market Impact

Recommendations for Reaching Cost-Conscious Segments

Profiles of Cost-Conscious Consumers

Agreement with Cost-Conscious Statements (Q4/19)

Cost-Conscious Consumer Spending Segment (Q4/19)

Average Score of Cost-Conscious Statements by Spending Segment (Q4/19)

High Agreement on Money-Saving Habits (Q4/19) 

High Agreement on Lifestyle Attitudes (Q4/19)

Demographic Profile of Spending Segments (Q4/19)

Housing Profile of Spending Segments (Q4/19)

New House Budgets Among Home Purchase Intenders (Q4/19)

Current Home Size (Q4/19)

Consumer Electronics Device Ownership

Average Number of Electronic Devices Owned (Q4/19)

Consumer Electronic Device Ownership (Q4/19)

Smart Product Adoption and Purchase Process

Smart Home Device Ownership (Q4/19)

Smart Home Device Ownership by Spending Segments (Q4/19)

Active Users of Smart Security & Safety Devices (Q4/19)

Smart Home Device Owners & Intenders

At Least One Smart Home Device Purchased in Past 12 Months by Spending Segments (Q4/19)

Top 5 Smart Home Devices Purchased (Q4/19)

Brand of Networked Camera Owned (Q4/19)

Length of Purchase Journey for Smart Home Devices by Spending Segments (Q4/19)

High Familiarity with Smart Devices (Q4/19)

High Value of Smart Device Benefits by Product (Q4/19)

High Affordability of Smart Devices (Q4/19)

Smart Home Device Purchase Intention by Spending Segments (Q4/19)

High Concern about Data Privacy and Security with Smart Speaker/ Display (Q4/19)

Home Security System Ownership and Intention

Home Security System (Q4/19)

High Satisfaction with Security System (Q4/19)

Home Security System Installation Method (Q4/19)

Frequency of Using Security System (Q4/19)

Security System Purchase Intention (Q4/19)

Home Control System Ownership (Q4/19)

Length of Professional Monitoring Subscription (Q4/19)

Security System Purchases (Q4/19)

Add-ons to the Security System (Q4/19)

High Familiarity with Energy Programs Offered (Q4/19)

Participation in Energy Efficiency Programs (Q4/19)

Active Users of Smart Energy & Misc. Devices (Q4/19)

Publish Date: 2Q 2020

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Authored By:
Tricia Parks - Founder
Yilan Jiang - Senior Director of Consumer Analytics
Keshav Jaiswal - Consumer Insights Analyst II
Xiaofan Tan - Consumer Insights Analyst II

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