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Thursday, May 25, 2023

New Security Monitoring Standard Paves the Way for More Accurate and Timely Information for Emergency Responders and 911 Providers

Parks Associates’ white paper addresses role of false alarms in undermining consumer trust and examines new standard and solutions designed to resolve these challenges

Parks Associates, a leading market research and consulting firm specializing in consumer technology products and services, has released a groundbreaking new white paper, in collaboration with UbietyTechnologies, that examines a significant problem facing the security industry- false alarms- including the costs more

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Majority of property owners and managers cite appeal of smart door locks

Gating Access: Challenges in Multifamily Properties white paper examines access control adoption in multifamily housing

At its 27th annual CONNECTIONS™ Conference today, Parks Associates released the white paper "Gating Access: Challenges in Multifamily Properties," in partnership with research sponsor Nimbio, analyzing the current state of access control adoption in the US multifamily housing market. At least 70% of multifamily property managers and owners are interest more

Thursday, May 18, 2023

72% of smart home product owners are concerned with personal data security

New research in partnership with Iris® Powered by Generali addresses growing trust concerns for data privacy and security in the connected home

Parks Associates’ new research white paper Data Privacy and Security in the Connected Home, developed in partnership with Iris® Powered by Generali (“Iris”), a B2B2C global identity and cyber protection provider, highlights the risks posed by internet-connected devices, consumers’ perceptions of these risks, and the role smart home p more

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

AI, including face recognition, can be a key differentiator for smart home providers by their enhancing safety, convenience, and personalized value propositions

86% of consumers reported at least one AI feature as important to their purchase decision for a smart video doorbell or camera

Parks Associates new whitepaper, Face Recognition and the Smart Home: Applications, Demand, and Innovation, developed in partnership with Xailient, examines new solutions enabling face recognition in security solutions and the benefits emerging from their integration into the smart home. The research firm reports that 86% of consumers reported at lea more

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

41% of US internet households have a smart home device, building on the 90% of US households with internet at home

New research developed in partnership with Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) emphasizes the networks, sensors, and devices that form the foundation of an integrated and intelligent smart home

Parks Associates’ new white paper, Next-Generation Smart Home: Building for the Future, assesses the drivers of the smart home market and strategies for engaging new buyers. Currently 41% of US internet households have a smart home device, and the firm forecasts that by 2024, the ho more

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Connectivity and smart home tech are driving transformation of multifamily housing

Smart Spaces: Apartments, Hospitality, and Community Living, April 17-18 in Plano, Texas, addresses benefits of integrated tech solutions in MDU and hospitality markets

Parks Associates’ new research Smart Apartments: Connectivity and Services in MDUs shows that over 10% of apartment renters report receiving bulk internet service and over half of those receiving bulk report paying through a separate amenity fee. The research firm will feature research from this new study at more

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Parks Associates releases new data ahead of ISC West: 28% of US internet households have 3+ smart home devices

First-time buyers helping to expand the connected home market

Ahead of ISC West, Parks Associates’ new Smart Home Consumer Insights Dashboard reports that 28% of US internet households now have three or more smart home devices, with more and more households featuring first-time buyers. Among US internet households with a smart home device, the average household has 7.1 smart home devices. Parks Associates research also shows that 40% of US internet households have a security more

Tuesday, March 07, 2023

Security monitoring cancellation intentions are down, but younger households are more at risk of churn

38% of Gen Z households with home security monitoring report intentions to cancel security monitoring contract

Parks Associates’ new consumer study Security Monitoring: Business Models, Pricing, Attrition finds that younger households are at higher risk for cancelling their professional monitored security, even as plans to cancel have dropped among all households. The research firm reports that 38% of Gen Z home security monitoring subscribers intend to cancel their contract more

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